Our team

Forbi Perise

Forbi PeriseGreening Forward Coordinator

Forbi Perise is a dedicated and passionate advocate for environmental education and community development. He holds a BSc in Environmental Science and Occupational Health and Safety, and he is also a skilled project manager.

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Pule Rachael

Pule RachaelVice president

Pule Racheal serves as the Vice President at Greening Forward Cameroon. With a passion for environmental activism, she is dedicated to spreading awareness and inspiring action among a global audience.

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Enie Valery Elive Esq.

Enie Valery Elive Esq.Legal Advisor

Enie is the Legal Advisor at Greening Forward. He is an attorney passionate about youth inclusion in fight against climate change and an environment protection enthusiast. With his deep mastery of domestic and international environmental laws, Enie ensures the organization’s compliance to domestic and international regulations.

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Osoh Nhwuashoh

Osoh NhwuashohAdministrative Assistant

Meet Osoh, a dedicated and ambitious administrative assistant at Greening Forward. Osoh-Nhwuasoh holds a bachelor′s degree in English Law from the esteemed University of Buea, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role.

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Elong Ngole Amstrong

Elong Ngole AmstrongProject manager

Elong Ngole Amstrong Nzeme is a dedicated project manager and community eco hero hailing from Cameroon. With a strong commitment to addressing climate change and promoting sustainability...

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Mebune Valerie

Mebune ValerieFinance director

Mebune Valerie Enongene serves as the Finance Director at Greening Forward, utilizing his knowledge of banking and financial operations to oversee the organization′s finances.

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Ngolle Kingsman

Ngolle KingsmanDesign and Marketing officer

Kingsman is a talented Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager at Greening Forward. With a passion for eco-design, Kingsman channels his creative energy towards addressing environmental challenges.

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Sube Gideon

Sube GideonMobilization officer

Sube Gideon is a driven and resourceful Mobilization Officer at Greening Forward. With an HND in marketing, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to his role.

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Our board

Robert Walton

Robert Walton

Robert Walton is a sustainability professional with 5+ years of experience developing, implementing, and managing innovative climate, ESG, and energy efficiency initiatives. He led Greening Forward as its Executive Director from 2017 to 2019.

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Charles Orgbon

Charles Orgbon

Charles Orgbon III’s journey as an environmentalist began in 2008 — he was only 12-years-old. Charles noticed his school’s littered campus, and wanted to organize an effort to resolve the problem. He later developed Greening Forward, which would become a leading organization in the United States devoted to training and funding environmental leaders, ages 5-25.

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