Elong Ngole Amstrong

Project manager

Elong Ngole Amstrong Nzeme is a dedicated project manager and community eco hero hailing from Cameroon. With a strong commitment to addressing climate change and promoting sustainability, Elong works as the Project Manager at Greening Forward Cameroon, where he spearheads collaborative efforts in grant writing, reporting, and event organization.

Elong's educational background is rooted in a Bachelor's degree in Animal Biology, which has provided him with a deep understanding of ecological systems and the interconnections within nature. Complementing his scientific knowledge, he also holds a diploma in Project Management, equipping him with the necessary skills to successfully lead and execute environmental initiatives.

Elong's advocacy extends beyond his professional role, as he actively participates as a member of Climate Clock Cameroon, a collective dedicated to raising awareness about the urgency of climate change. Additionally, he serves as an advocate for FXB Climate, an organization focused on empowering vulnerable communities to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change. With his wealth of knowledge, project management expertise, and unwavering dedication to sustainable causes, Elong Ngole Amstrong Nzeme plays a pivotal role in driving change and inspiring others to take action for a greener future.

Elong Ngole Amstrong

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