Forbi Perise

Greening Forward Coordinator

Forbi Perise is a dedicated and passionate advocate for environmental education and community development. He holds a BSc in Environmental Science and Occupational Health and Safety, and he is also a skilled project manager. As a youth leader and member of various international organizations such as the Global Plastic Action Partnership of the World Economic Forum, Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network, and YOUNGO, he tirelessly works to inspire and mobilize young people to take action for the environment.

Forbi's work focuses on elevating youth into environmental stewards and leaders through environmental education. He is deeply committed to promoting awareness of ocean issues, both locally and internationally, particularly in relation to climate change. Through his impactful campaigns, which have earned him the nickname "The Plastic Man," Forbi strives to increase public awareness of plastic pollution and improve waste management practices.

His profound efforts have been recognized through prestigious awards such as the Diana Award, UNEP-Tunza Hidden Eco Hero Award, EE30under30 award and International ChangeMaker Award. By collaborating with nonprofit organizations and governments, Forbi is making a significant impact in driving environmental action and fostering community development.

Forbi Perise

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