Youth Leadership Conferences

Here's more on how we're training young people to be climate and sustainability solutionaries!

Want to learn more about environmental issues, and what you can do to help? Each year we organize national and global events where you’ll be able to talk with a multitude of environmental organizations and learn what it really means to be an effective environmentalist through a series of engaging workshops, important discussions, and fun activities. No matter how dedicated you are in the environmental sphere, whether you’ve been an advocate for years, or are just starting out, our trainings can help in your journey.

Training today's generation of activists

Our youth-imagined, youth-driven, and youth-executed leadership conferences provides young environmentalists the tools they need to take their campaigns to the next level. From youth who have started global organizations, to youth who are leading school-based environmental projects, our events are for everyone.

They have gone by a few names over the years, including the International Young Environmentalists Youth Summit (IYEYS) and the Empowered Youth Environmental Summit (EYES). We also welcome adults who are looking to learn more about how to implement youth leadership and engagement strategies into their classrooms, organizations, or even businesses.

Youth Leadership Conferences

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