Earth Savers Club

Join our Earth Savers Club and become part of a passionate community committed to making a positive impact on the environment. Through collaborative projects, volunteer opportunities, and networking events, club members work together to initiate local environmental initiatives and spread awareness about sustainability in their communities. Our ESC project runs in schools and community groups. Our team works hard to establish  Earth Savers Club in schools  and communities of young people  between the ages of 12-25. We also collaborate with school teachers to establish ESC's.

Want to create an Earth Savers Club? Reach out to us via email [email protected] or fill this form

Become a Campus Ambassador with Greening Forward and help us combat apathy among young people while bridging the gap between experienced youth changemakers and beginners. As an ambassador, you'll receive the necessary tools, skills, and resources to run your own micro projects with the support of our team. If you see potential for change at your school but don't know where to start, we can assist you in launching your changemaking journey. Join our network of campus ambassadors to lead projects and inspire others to join you in creating change.

The Ambassadorship program is open to students currently registered in Cameroonian schools. 

Campus Ambassador Program Overview:

- Application and Selection Process:

  •    Interested candidates undergo an application process and subsequent interview by Greening Forward staff.
  •    Eligibility Criteria for Ambassadors:

- Ambassadors should be between 13 to 21 years old.
- Ambassadors are expected to dedicate 2 hours per week to the program.
- Access to the internet and a digital device (mobile phone, laptop, or tablet) is necessary.
- Ambassadors should possess a strong passion for the environment and solving environmental problems.

While relevant leadership experience is optional, it is highly valued.

Responsibilities of Ambassadors:

- Ambassadors work with their respective schools to support  Greening Forward's mission and vision.
- Ambassadors serve as a communication link between their schools and our organization.
- Distribution of Education Resources
- Ambassadors become advocates for environmental action on campus, raising awareness among their peers.
- Ambassadors serve as role models, embodying exemplary leadership in environmental initiatives.
- Ambassadors take the lead in organizing school-wide events and campaigns related to the environment.

Apply here

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