Climate Action

Greening Forward Cameroon is dedicated to taking action against climate change and building climate resilience. We believe in representation, inclusion, and protecting the rights of vulnerable communities affected by climate change.

Mangrove Restoration

We acknowledge the significance of mangrove ecosystems in both mitigating climate change and safeguarding biodiversity. Our primary objective is to restore these critical coastal habitats through reforestation endeavors and active community engagement. It gives us great pleasure to partner with Light for Nature Cameroon, as together we endeavor to protect mangroves and empower young individuals to participate in the restoration of this fragile ecosystem within the context of our broader climate change initiatives.

Climate Resilience and Adaptation Projects

To support communities in adapting to the impacts of climate change, we implement projects aimed at building resilience and promoting sustainable practices. These initiatives address issues such as water scarcity, food security, and sustainable livelihoods, ultimately helping communities thrive in a changing climate. Within the context of climate resilience and adaptation, we work with every stakeholder in the community, not just young people.

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