Things You Can Do To Stop Climate Change

This article is a post that comes from Greening Forward’s legacy blog. It was originally written by Nicole Lewis on October 19, 2018.

Published: Dec 29, 2020

Climate Change

What is climate change? It could be as simple as a change in weather, but it is now the biggest environmental threat to humanity and the biggest challenge the globe faces. Its main cause is the release of carbon from burning fossil fuels and the destruction of forests. Scientists don’t actually know how much warming is safe for us, but they are aware that this change in climate is affecting human life and ecosystems around the planet.

Climate change refers to any notable change in the measure of temperature, wind, humidity, or rain which lasts for a certain period. According to the research paper editing service, Canada and America are the top energy consumers in the world.

Causes for climate change

The major causes for climate change may result from:

  • Natural factors
  • Natural processes
  • Human activities

Climate change impacts developing countries more, as they lack the resources to protect themselves and thus suffer the most from it. This is having destructive impacts on human life and the environment.

What we can do to stop climate change?

Climate change is not a political issue. It’s about life — families, communities, countries, cities. We all should unite and fight against this environmental catastrophe in order to save our lives as we depend on it.

In a world of more than seven billion people, each of us is a drop in the bucket. But with enough drops, we can fill any bucket.

David Suzuki

We, together, have to commit to clean energy, which consists largely of solar energy, wave, and wind. Now, there is a practical path for us to follow in order to reduce the number of greenhouse gases that reach the upper atmosphere. We have to reduce the use of fossil fuels to make a low carbon environment; we need to find an alternative to it. Every individual has to make this effort by taking a daily step in living in a more sustainable way.

We need to redesign our transport system — increasing the use of public transport, lowering the use of air transport — and plant trees, wherever possible, to make the environment healthy.

We can take positive individual steps to help save the world from global warming:

Reduce energy consumption in our daily lifestyle

  • Turn off lights and other appliances when they are not in use
  • Replace the light bulbs with energy savers
  • Switch your regular energy to green energy for daily electricity use

Reduce Carbon footprint

  • Make sure to buy products that are made from low-impact materials
  • Buy products with minimum packaging

Reuse & Recycle waste

  • Try to recycle waste material as much as you can
  • Try to make vegetable compost for your garden
  • Don’t pour unwanted chemicals in the sink, as it’s better to dispose of them in a designated receptacle
  • Buy foods and products which have reusable packaging instead of buying products with non–recyclable packaging.

Transport Choices in our daily life

  • Think carefully about your daily transportation choices
  • Try to ride a bicycle instead of an electric- or petrol-fueled vehicle for small distances
  • Take public transport
  • Switch your vehicle to an electric or hybrid vehicle

Healthy lifestyle — healthy environment

  • It has been proven that a healthy body is resistant to most of the climate changes like heat waves or snowfall.
  • Don’t smoke — it’s hazardous to your health
  • Take walks whenever you can
  • Sleep more so that your minds stay active
  • Focus on the positive aspects of life by avoiding the negativity which affects you mentally

Food for life

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Michael Pollan

You can change your food habits and diet to make your body healthy to minimize its climate impact

  • Less meat — more plants
  • Go organic as much as possible
  • Try to grow your own as it will keep the environment near you safer

Live simply

Make your life as simple as you can. Spend your time in nature and with your family and friends. Spending time together diverts the mind from different activities. Instead of buying material products, it’s better to focus on consuming happiness with family. Spend more time together.

Save energy — Save money

By using energy wisely you will save energy, save money and pollute the globe less. Every individual is responsible for taking a step towards saving the atmosphere. Unplug your electronic items when they are not in use.

Together we can unite and make a difference to fight climate change. We can start simple with the things in our everyday lives to make a healthy environment and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

This action can be taken as an individual or as a nation to save our planet from environmental catastrophe. Climate change is nature’s challenge for people on earth and it requires action on a large scale.

According to a United Nations special report recently, scientists warn us once again about man-made global warming. They specifically mention that the point of temperature rise will reach a tipping point that causes severe effects of global warming if we do not take immediate, widespread action.

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