Environmental Prodigy

This article is a post that comes from Greening Forward’s legacy blog. It was originally written on May 13, 2012.

Published: Jan 1, 2021

Bill Gates. Martin Luther King Jr. Gandi. These are all leaders — past and present — that diagnosed a problem in the world and changed it. Although the influences of these great figures are felt globally, they all had to start small. An idea sparked in their noggins, and the idea fizzled out to the people around them, causing a tidal wave of change.

Enter Harnoor Gill. He’s a thirteen-year-old student from Georgetown, Ontario, Canada with a strong passion for the environment. This pin-sized civil servant has logged over 1,000 community service hours in his lifetime, volunteering with over twenty different organizations and events. His volunteerism developed at an early age. He started vending cookies to raise money for a non-profit organization when he was three. I don’t know about you, but when I was three, I was more concerned about watching Sesame Street than I was about helping others.

Harnoor is a year-round volunteer at his local environmental center, the Willow Park Ecology Centre. He enjoys getting down and dirty with nature, pulling out weeds, and wrestling with invasive species like buckthorns. His actions have not gone unnoticed. The Ontario Newspapers Community Association recognized him with an Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Award, and he was named one of Canada Family Magazine’s “Top 15 Under 15.” Still, even with the long hours, Harnoor has contributed to the environment, he knows saving the earth is not a one-man job.

Ladies and gentlemen, Harnoor Gill is an agent. No, not a secret agent like the Men in Black. “I act as a ‘green agent’ for environmental awareness worldwide, helping others learn about these issues,” he told us. That’s the big picture in Harnoor’s volunteerism: helping others to help others. Routinely, he writes articles that promote his activities, so people can join him. By bringing people together, he harnesses the power of youth to make the world a better place.

Keep up the great work, Harnoor!

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